Blue Lotus Yoga 

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual practise which calms the whirlpools of the mind, bringing balance and harmony to body, mind and spirit. 


'In September 2010 I was diagnosed with chronic high blood pressure.

Despite numerous appointments with my GP and Cardiology clinic at Wishaw General Hospital, and many changes in medication, it got worse - alarmingly so.

On my last visit to the hospital, I asked the doctor 'Is there anything I can do to help myself?' She suggested 'Try yoga'.  Later that week I joined Trudi's Yoga sessions in Lanark. That was in April 2011.

To say she has 'turned my life around' is not an exaggeration. The benefits were quickly noticeable. Within two weeks my blood pressure was noticeably improved. At the last visit to the hospital it was normal. I know that the medical staff were astonished - so much so that they checked it twice.

I can only say a big ' Thank you' to Trudi. She is quite expert in the teaching of yoga and relaxation. Really, I can't recommend her highly enough. I have got my life back and I really look forward to Thursday mornings and the Yoga sessions which have had such a beneficial effect on my health.

Trudi, this is from a very grateful pupil.'

Joyce Nicol

Private Tuition/ yoga therapy

Private yoga lessons are available.