My Reiki Lineage

Dr Mikao Usui
Dr Chujiro Hayashi
Mrs Hawayo Takata
Barbara Weber Ray
Arthur Cataldo
Shoshana Rodgers
Richard Paterson
Trudi Breen 


Acusonic used sound, created by tuning forks, to improve health and wellbeing. It is deeply relaxing and uplifting.



  • I was very stressed, tense and depressed due to a combination of factors. I experienced a profound change with a few Reiki treatments from Trudi. I am now much more relaxed and able to enjoy life again. Thank you.

  • 'I had a sore elbow, which wasn't improving. I had had a cortisone injection from my GP, which was very unpleasant. I had one Reiki treatment from Trudi. It was the best thing I ever did. The pain in my elbow went away and has not returned.'  GM
  • 'I had a very severe back injury from an accident at work. I had regular Reiki treatments from Trudi, together with some therapeutic yoga, which relieved the severe pain and gradually strengthened my back.' KS
  • 'I was suffering from insomnia, following a bereavement. After the first Reiki treatment, I was able to go to sleep easily and to sleep soundly through the night. I had two further treatments which helped improve my peace of mind.' 
  • 'I went to Trudi for Reiki while I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. With the help of Reiki and therapeutic yoga, I was able to keep my life pretty normal during this time. It helped to keep my spirits up and to minimize the side affects of the treatment.' LN


Phone or text  07810 650 562 or email to arrange a Reiki or Acusonic treatment