Before the Class

What to Wear

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Natural fabrics are best. Wearing layers means that you can take off a layer when you are warm and put it back on if you are cold. You will need a warm top and socks for the relaxation.

Food & Drink

Yoga is best done on an empty stomach, so leave at least two hours between eating and the class. Drinks may be taken up to 30 minutes before. If you are thirsty, wait till after the class to have a drink. Some of the yoga postures compress the abdomen, so if the stomach is full of food or liquid, too much pressure can build up, causing discomfort.


Mats, blankets and cushions are available.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are best left outside the yoga room. Even if it is on 'silent' it is a distraction and the electomagnetic frequencies can be disturbing to more sensitive individuals.